We will soon be implementing a new measure to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics. As we all know, plastics, when not disposed of properly, end up in our oceans which eventually disrupt marine ecosystems.

As our conscious effort to reduce the use of plastics, we will no longer provide BOTTLED WATER in the rooms. Instead, we encourage the use of reusable drinking glasses to be setup in the room or your own water tumblers. Water dispensers will be strategically located in every floor. Safe drinking water will remain FREE OF CHARGE.

We enjoin our guests to participate in this environment-friendly cause. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


UPDATE 10/9/2018. We have started the implementation of the measure on the first day of October 2018. Hopes are high that this effort - with the cooperation of our guests - will have a positive impact on our environment. We will continue to introduce changes in our operations and processes that further the cause of protecting our environment.